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Trading Company “ARTPOL” – Artur Poplawski is one of the leaders of the Polish market among importers of hand tools and consumables intended for supplying industry, crafts and agriculture, providing equipment for workshops and individual home workstations.
The company is based in Radom, ul. Warszawska 177/179 was founded on May 18, 1992 and since then it has been continuously developing, introducing new technical solutions and expanding the range of tools offered.
Thanks to our central location in Poland, we are able to supply our Trade Partners with the highest level of satisfaction, by delivering goods within 24 hours of receiving the catalog order.
The company specializes in the sale of consumables for power tools, such as: circular saws for cutting wood, diamond saws, metal drills, concrete drills, wood drills, rotary wire brushes, hole saws and drill heads.
Przedsiebiorstwo Handlowe “ARTPOL” – Artur Poplawski perfectly reflects the ration of product quality to price.
The highest quality and reliaility of the distributed tools in relation to the competitive prices offered makes the use of our tools the most economical, while providing a lot satisfaction from their use.
Therefore, the guiding principle in caring for our Partners and Customers is the slogan “TOOLS FOR YOUR SUCCESS”.

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