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Oil for pneumatic devices is intended for the lubrication of devices with pneumatic drives, e.g. upholstery staplers, drills, assembly wrenches, etc., requiring lubrication of internal moving elements.

It is characterized by:

  • good material adhesion
  • no interactions with construction materials (aluminum, steel, rubber and plastic seals)
  • good resistance to aging (no sludge of moving parts over a long period of use)



Airpress is an international brand with over 60 years of experience. We are a European market leader in the manufacture and sale of pneumatic equipment, compressed air systems and power tools. This also includes high-quality accessories and first-class consumables. When you buy Airpress products, you become part of a family whose main features are high quality, reliability and modern technologies. The Airpress brand has been on the market since 1956. This year Doeke de Vries and his father developed their first piston compressor. This device was such a huge success in the Dutch domestic market that the De Vries family began mass producing the K-series compressors. The production of these piston compressors continues to this day. Our air compressors have been available throughout Europe for more than half a century. Thanks to an extensive dealer network, they can be found in Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece and even on Dutch islands in the Caribbean can be purchased.   The difference between us and others in this industry is that as Airpress we like to have inventory. Thanks to our stock, we can deliver most products across Europe within 48 hours of ordering. In our opinion, there is no standard order: we treat each customer individually and consider each order as unique and usually offer effective solutions
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