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Made of high quality carbon steel, laser cut.
The teeth are made of tungsten-carbide to stay sharp longer and offer best-in-class cut quality.
Expansion slots to disperse heat and prevent blade deformation caused by overheating.
Teeth with alternating bevels, 10° positive hook angle, kerf width approx. 4,5mm.
Equipped with 30mm bore with 22 and 16mm reduction rings.
The 115-125mm blades have 22mm bore.
Ideal for transverse and angular cuts of hardwood, wood-based materials and hard plastics.
Compatible with all stationary and portable saws.

Technical data:
Diameter: 180mm
No. of teeth: 40
Max. speed: 8.500 rpm
Weight: 0.420 kg




AWTOOLS, founded in 2013, is a brand of the AW-Narzędzia company, which offers a wide range of hand tools and accessories, mainly for the automotive, construction, and garden sectors, as well as power tools for DIYers and tradespeople, all in one place.

Its portfolio includes the AWTOOLS series of hand tools, as well as the AWTOOLS BLACK LINE series of high-quality, sturdy and durable hand tools.

The brand's products are characterised by high quality, functionality, and modern design, as well as a wide-ranging commercial offer that is regularly updated with new product lines.

logo awtools
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