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Repairing faded headlights can be very expensive. Headlight plastic is sensitive to harsh UV rays, which fades the plastic and turns it from crystal-clear to hazy and opaque. Professionals can charge hundreds of dollars to sand, polish, and re-finish headlight plastics, and replacement units can cost thousands of dollars depending on the car. Save yourself the trouble, and simply rub out any hazy headlight residue with Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer and Protectant. Simply rub the refined cream formula into the faded headlight plastic with a microfiber towel until it turns clear. That’s it! Most plastic turns from hazy and yellow to crystal-clear in seconds with Headlight Restorer and Protectant. Tougher faded plastic can be professionally sanded with 2000 and 3000 grit wet sandpaper, then restored clear with Headlight Restorer and Protectant. Use Headlight Restorer and Protectant by hand and a microfiber towel, or use it with a machine polishing kit to get 100% professional-level results. Every driver, detailing enthusiast, or professional detailer can make old headlights shine like new with Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer and Protectant.Why Buy This Product?- Make headlights clean and clear again.- Removes faded hazy look.- Simply rub on and wipe off.- Optical restorer and protectant.- Works on all colors.- No sanding required (but is optional).- Seals and protects against future sun damage.- Blocks harmful UV rays that ruin plastic.- Available in 4 ounce / 118ml size.How To Use:Spread 3 – 6 dots of Headlight Restorer and Protectant over a microfiber pad or applicator pad.Scrub hazy headlight lens vigorously until the polish turns clearWipe off residue with a clean microfiber towel and inspect work.Repeat until headlight is satisfactorily clear.


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