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HydroSlick is unlike any product you’ve ever used before – it’s a new product that truly deserves its own category! A HyperWax combines the ease of use of a wax with the longevity, beading, slickness, and insane shine of a ceramic. HydroSlick uses the latest in SiO2 gel suspension technology to totally re-engineer the makeup of a ceramic coating and reinvent it as an extremely user-friendly and durable coating that anyone can apply. Oh ya did we mention it has no wax? HydroSlick is not a wax, it’s the first ever HyperWax!Why Buy This Product?- Get hyperactive water beading- Effortlessly apply durable ceramic protection- Stun with an intense crystalline ceramic hyper shine- Add up to one year of durable protection- Shine and protect glass, glossy painted wheels, chrome, headlights- Shield against UV rays, the elements, industrial fallout, and more- Add incredible depth and clarity to any color paint- Enjoy all the benefits of a ceramic without the headacheSpecificationsSize: 473mlTop: Ketchup topColor: BlueApplicable Materials: Painted SurfacesApplicable Locations: ExteriorCar Finishes: GlossProduct Form: LiquidShine Preference: HighWeight: 1.3 lbs / GramSafe for light color cars: YesSafe for dark color cars: Yes


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