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JetSeal Matte is an advanced paint protection sealant designed specifically for matte finishes. Developed using nano-tech polymers, JetSeal Matte provides up to 12 months of durable protection while creating a brilliant finish. The innovative formula uses UV protection technology that aids in preventing fading and discoloration. JetSeal Matte is the world’s first sealant and paint protection developed for matte paintwork and vinyl surfaces. Advanced sealant formula helps protect against water spots, contamination and road grime to ensure your vehicle is protected all year. JetSeal Matte bonds to the surface using nano polymers to create a shield against the elements. The easy to use formula enhances matte finishes by creating a bold appearance that is protected against the elements. JetSeal Matte creates a protective layer that compliments any matte color. JetSeal Matte was developed over 4 years using aerospace technology to produce a perfect finish and durable protection. Perfect for matte paintwork, wheels, power coat and vinyl wrapped surfaces. Advanced nano-polymers create a hydrophobic shield against the elements. Experience the durable protection and bold finish of Chemical Guys JetSeal Matte.Why Buy This Product?- Designed specifically for matte surfaces- Up to 12 months of protection- Great for matte paintwork, wheels and vinyl finishes- Prevents fading and discoloration- UV protection shield- Advanced sealant formulaSpecificationsSize: 16 ounces // 473mlTop: Flip capForm: LiquidUV block: YesCarnauba: NoSealant: YesHand application: YesMachine application: Yes Safe for clear coat: YesSafe for light color cars: YesSafe for dark color cars: Yes


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