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The Nifty Brush is tough on stains yet gently on upholstery and carpet fibers. The right scrub brush can cut your work time in half by helping your cleaning product of choice work better and faster.Chemical Guys Nifty- Interior & Upholstery Brush has tough yet gentle nylon bristles. We filled the head of our American made brush to the max! One inch long dense bristles break away dirt, grime, gunk and even hair away from the surface.The Nifty handle is where its at. A long 7½ handle enables you to reach into tight areas as well as apply the desired amount of pressure to the bristles to get just the right clean.Designed with longevity and quality in mind the Nifty Brush is assembled using bristles that are chemical resistant.Take the Nifty Brush ½ cleaning power to the next level by using it with a premium Chemical Guys Interior cleaner like Lightning Fast or NONSENSE our new Odorless, Colorless Super cleaner. Simply spray a fine mist of NONSENSE onto carpet or upholstery and allow a few seconds to penetrate. Gently scrub area lightly with your new Nifty Brush. Blot the area dry with a clean dry towel or microfiber.The Nifty Carpet + Upholstery Interior and Exterior Brush fits into any space and delivers fast and easy cleaning power.


Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys is a world leader in the detailing and car care industry, specializing in the highest quality car care chemicals, car wash accessories, buffing pads and machines.
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