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The V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish is the first optical grade cutting polish designed to eliminate moderate to heavy paint defects and imperfections. V36 is developed to produce a perfect swirl-free finish. V36 is an ultra refined cutting polish developed to achieve the finest level of optical clarity. It is powder-free, dust-free and is formulated for extended work time. V36 cutting polish is the first water-based OEM approved polish capable of removing moderate to heavy paint defects permanently, delivering perfect results without filling in or covering up. V36 features micro abrasives that rapidly eliminate imperfections and remove 2000-2500 grit sanding scratches, swirls and holograms. V36 delivers a perfect finish with fewer passes and it is equally effective on ceramic finishes and conventional clear coats. V36 delivers the finest results with unmatched optical clarity. It is designed to function without oils, silicone or fillers. V36 maximizes efficiency by optimizing work time to deliver perfect results. V36 is VOC compliant and body shop safe for any paint shop environment. It is specially engineered to work with water-based paints and ceramic clear coats.Why Buy This Product?- Produces a perfect swirl-free finish- Ultra refined cutting polish- Removes moderate to heavy paint defects and imperfections- Removes 2000-2500 grit sanding scratches, swirls and holograms- Can use with a rotary or a DA machine- Also available in a 32 oz sizeSpecificationsSize: 4 ouncesTop: Flip capGrit range: 2500-3500Flaking: NominalSilicone-free: YesWax-free: YesBody shop safe: YesHand application: Yes, machine preferredMachine application: YesSafe for clear coat: YesSafe for light color cars: YesSafe for dark color cars: YesIntended users: Professionals, enthusiasts


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