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OH YEAH, THE CORRECT BACKING-PLATE REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCEWorking with your favorite buffer of polisher should be like fitting your ideal sneaker…It should be ideally follow all the directions and movements your mind and hands want it to goas smooth, gently and most comfortable as possible…In this line of Autodetailing-work we all see many paints, many shapes of bodypanels, many kinds of oxidation and many kinds of paint defects which often are solved with the correct choice of machine, pad, polish etc…To make this machined ride as effective, smooth and fast as possible choosing the correct backing-plate is a lot of times a topic that can be overseen, just because we don’t think “outside of the box” that easily to create the ideal “the total drive” and take the “standard package” as it is…In this “standard package” (configuration) a lot of times we see a lot of hard kind of backing-plates which can make the machining kind of “hard” as well. This all leads to sometimes heavy to handle setups which can make a desired comfortable drive of your polisher hard to move, direct, steer, buff etc… a lot will be happening but unfortunately just not the things you want the polisher (or buffer) to do…To ease and solve these situations we added the Ultimate Softness Backing Plate up the the Chemical Guys Line-Up of Autodetailing-Supplies… After many tests on many setup and many polishers by many professional Detailers we are confident these Ultimate Softness Backing Plate will put a smile to your face while using your favorite polisher on a drive as smooth and gently as possible resulting in easier setup which is that effective to solving all paint defects…


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Chemical Guys is a world leader in the detailing and car care industry, specializing in the highest quality car care chemicals, car wash accessories, buffing pads and machines.
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