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This roller – work – stool might be a very handy add – on in your detailing – arsenal.It is extremely comfortable with it’s rubber seat, however we won’t advise to sit all day on it. For your body it is good to work in different positions and let’s face it, as a detailer a lot of work can be done in the standing or up – position. But sometimes a seat may come in handy when you want to level your view with the body – panel you’re doing a paint – correction (which can take some time) on, or when you’re cleaning and detailing the door – jambs etc… etc… There are plenty of detailing jobs to do on the lower panels of the car which you now can do clean and comfortable.The rubber – covered seat is manufactured with polyurethane foam inside and measures 36 CM in diameter. This seat is attached on a steel core. The steel core is mounted extremely solid on a steel frame – work that is covered with a plastic bottom which is equipped with 2 inlays. These 2 inlays can be used to storage applicators, backing – plates and other small bits & pieces.The steel frame – work is connected with large 75 MM wheels which have bearings on the axles which makes this work – stool rolling like a dream. It is very easy to go from door – jamb to door – jamb, makes you turn, go up and down very fast and comfortable. 2 wheels are equipped with brakes so unintended rolling can be prevented to keep you safe on your spot.Since not everybody has got the same size (tallness :)), this roller – work – stool is equipped with a hydraulic system that makes you adjust its height. Just put the handly on not – sitting – position to get it to the maximum height. Then sit on it and pull the handle again to make you go closer to the ground. Release the handle again once you’re on your perfect height. Tip: When your knees / legs make a 90 C. – position you have your correct position.Since the work – stool only weighs 6.5 KG it is an easy item to take with you when you need to detail on location.Why buy this product?- Makes your work – position from standing or kneeling to sitting. Not that you should sit all day :), but it might come in handy.- Added with 2 inlays.- Beared wheels for easy and durable rolling – ability.- Comfortable 75mm – wheels.


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