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FEIDER 3000 W construction site gasoline generator – AVR technology FG3000-1


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  • Power 2900 W : ideal for electrical, professional, electronic equipment
  • Battery life : 10 hours
  • Voltage regulation : AVR technology
  • Practical : complete control panel
  • Mobility : carrying handle + construction wheels

The FG3000-1 generator is equipped with a 4T thermal engine which delivers a nominal power of 2700 W.
The maximum power of the group is 3000 Watts , i.e. the maximum load that the group can support, most often at start-up.
This generator is ideal for powering your electrical tools and equipment, for domestic use or professional use , on a construction site or for a motorhome or mobile business.
In the event of a breakdown or power cut, the FG3000-1 is ideal as a backup generator.
It has 2 single-phase 230V sockets and a 12V socket as well as a voltmeter.
It is powered by unleaded gasoline with a tank capacity of 15 liters which allows a long autonomy of 10.5 hours.
Depending on your needs, the FG3000-1 generator can also operate your electronic devices such as computers, cameras, GPS, chargers, televisions…
For greater comfort and safety, the FG3000-1 Feider generator has been equipped with ‘an audible alert system in the event of a too significant drop in the oil level.
Designed to be robust and to last, this generator has a hood, a reinforced chassis and 2 transport wheels as well as an ergonomic and folding handle.
Easily transportable on any type of ground.
It is also equipped with the AVR voltage regulator which guarantees a stable current in order to preserve your tools.



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