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Feider Random Sander 350 W 150 mm – Brushless motor FPO350B


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The Feider eccentric sander is a remarkable tool for its power and versatility.
Its 350 Watts are ideal for preparation work on wood, metal, walls, etc.
Pleasant to use, it allows sanding work that is suitable for individuals and professionals alike.
The number of oscillations can be increased from 4000 to 10000 o/min and improve performance and user comfort.
Ideal for quickly extracting the layers to be removed such as paint or varnish.
The grip of the FPO350B sander is easy, and its non-slip handle allows a good grip of the tool for precise work on finishing work.
Equipped with a Brushless motor, the life of your sander is preserved and its sanding capacities optimized.
Do-it-yourselfers appreciate its simple handling and the soft grip of its handle which allows a good grip.
The FPO350B Feider are also equipped with a variable speed drive which allows the speed to be adjusted to 6 different positions depending on the material to be sanded.


Tension: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Powerful: 350 W
Moteur brushless: yes
Tray diameter: 150 mm
Idle speed: 4000-10000 tr/min
Speed ​​variator: yes
Number of speeds: 6
Working width: 15 cm
Eccentricity: 5 mm



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