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Radial Arm Saw 1700W 210mm FSOR17210


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Light, robust and precise, the FSOR17210 miter saw has its place in your workshop as a complete cutting tool.
This Feider saw is the ideal tool for beveling or creating angles or grooves for mouldings, cornices, frames , etc…
Its ergonomic handle allows you a better comfort of use and a better precision.
Combined with the 1700 Watt power of the saw, the rotation speed of up to 4,700 rpm makes it possible to cut many materials very efficiently.
Equipped with a dust collector bag integrated into the tool, work in a healthy environment free of fine particles.
Safety is enhanced by the presence of a blade guard.
Take advantage of a multi-material blade to make cuts in wood, PVC, tiles, metals.


Powerful: 1700 W
Tension: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Blade diameter: 210 mm
Lame (dents): 24
45° to 45° cut: 240 * 38 mm
45° to 90° cut: 240 * 65 mm
Idle speed: 4700 tr/min
Blade guard: yes
Laser: yes
Collector bag: yes
Power cable: 2 m
Bore: 30 mm
Cut 0° to 45°: 340 * 38 mm


Efficient: high number of cuts for various types of applications
Efficient: clean and clean cuts for neat work
Practical: efficient collection bag for vacuuming shavings, dust, particles, etc.
Comfort of use: adapts to the size of the cutouts thanks to its worktable extension system.



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