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The new D-A System Microfiber TowelsThese new microfiber cloths are made from premium microfiber material. Each towel features an embossed BigFoot logo and edgeless scratch-free design. The material, weave, and gram-weight of each towel was selected to compliment the RUPES range of compounds and polishes and provides an outstanding balance of performance and utility. Starting from January 2021, the current 4 towels pack (code 9.BF9010/4) and all the tool kits that include the product code 9.BF9010/4, will be updated with the introduction of the new microfiber cloths. Each Microfiber Towel will be packed individually inside a flowpack metallic film package to ensure maximum protection.BLUE TOWEL – Microfiber Polishing Cloth – 9.BF9050A premium quality, short knap microfiber blue cloth for the removal of compound and polish residues.YELLOW TOWEL – Microfiber Polishing Cloth – 9.BF9060A premium quality, short knap microfiber yellow cloth for the removal of compound and polish residues.WHITE TOWEL – Microfiber Polishing Cloth – 9.BF9070A premium quality, dual-pile microfiber white cloth. One side features a short weave for breaking up compound and polish residues. The other side features a more plush weave for final wipe down and surface inspection.



RUPES S.p.A. is a family owned and operated company, founded in Milan, Italy, in 1947.   The constant commitment to research and development, aimed at constantly improving the performance of each product, is one of the fundamental aspects that have contributed to affirm RUPES as one of the major successful brands in the field of professional tools.
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