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The RUPES BigFoot LK900E ‘Mille’ was designed with the aim of providing a forced rotation machine that offered faster-cutting capability than other gear driven models and also faster cutting than the BigFoot LHR21 MK II or the BigFoot LHR15 MK II. As a result, the Mille provides exceptional cutting power with minimal heat generation and very little steering, more in line with a standard DA. The RUPES-designed Mille’s electric motor allows it to operate with a clockwise rotation, reducing unwanted lateral movement and therefore reducing operator fatigue.The Standard Kit (STN) includes:Rupes Bigfoot Mille LK 900E (incl. 125mm backing pad)1 x 150mm backing pad1 x Rupes Mille Coarse Polish – 250 ml1 x Rupes Mille Fine Polish – 250 ml1 x Rupes Blue Foam Coarse Pad for Gear Driven polishers – 130mm1 x Rupes Yellow Foam Fine Pad for Gear Driven polishers – 130mmØ BACKING PAD MM-IN 125-5″ / 150-6″Ø ORBIT MM-IN 5-3 / 16″POWER WATT 900R.P.M. 265-535WEIGHT KG-LBS 2,80-6,17SPEED REGULATION •ATTACCO PLATORELLO 6 X M4

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Joining the BIGFOOT family of tools to bridge the gap between rotary and free spinning orbital polishers the Mille provides a balance of power, ergonomics, and capability for operators who crave a gear driven solution. Featuring a wide assortment of new, innovative features as well as a revolutionary clockwise rotational movement the BIGFOOT Mille delivers powerful defect removal, versatility, and consistent performance in an ergonomic package designed with operator comfort and efficiency of work in mind.GEAR DRIVEN: the backing plate follows an orbit (the scope of which depends on the distance between the rotation axis of the drive shaft and the central axis of the rotor disc) and is at the same time constrained to rotate about its own central axis (typically due to the inclusion of a gearing). The number of orbits at each revolution of the disc is always constant and depends on the parameters ofthe gearing used. The gear movement is more aggressive on surfaces with respect to the random orbital movement and generates a generally higher vibration level.CLOCKWISE ROTATIONThe BIGFOOT Mille uses a specially designed electric motor, developed in-house by RUPES. This design allows for a clockwise rotational movement which translates to increased levels of control and comfort for the operator. Competitive tools feature a counter-clockwise movement which can increase unwanted lateral movement and create fatigue for the operator.9 METERS ELECTRICAL CORDThe new Heavy Duty extra long 9mt cord is gauged to deliver maximum power to the polisher for safe, efficient operation. The longer cord save you time, steps and hassles since the user doesn’t have to use additional extension cords when polishing around a car.ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROL DIALAn all new variable speed dial provides the ability to adjust speeds for specific applications. The dial features larger numbers, a click sensation to indicate speed changes, and is positioned for effortless adjustment during the polishing process.PROGRESSIVE TRIGGERAdding an additional level of control, the Mille includes a progressive trigger. This new trigger design acts as a throttle allowing the operator to control speeds within the dial range to deliver the exact desired speed and to adjust quickly as needed.DOUBLE RUBBER SUPPORTEvery aspect of the Mille has been considered in the design, even when the tool is not being used. Two rubber supports are positioned on the body of the machine to keep it stable when resting on a table or cart.TECHNICAL DATAø Backing pad mm-in 125-5″ / 150-6″ø Orbit mm-in 5-3 / 16″Power Watt 900R.P.M. 265-535Weight kg-lbs 2,80-6,17Speed regulation •Attacco platorello 6 x M4Incld. :Gear Driven polisher (LK900E)Backing pad Ø125mm – Ø5”(980.037)Backing pad Ø150mm – Ø6”(981.089)



RUPES S.p.A. is a family owned and operated company, founded in Milan, Italy, in 1947.   The constant commitment to research and development, aimed at constantly improving the performance of each product, is one of the fundamental aspects that have contributed to affirm RUPES as one of the major successful brands in the field of professional tools.
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