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Motor mounted on a vertical shaft to ensure stability and controlPowerful 450 W motorRandom orbital to ensure the best sanding resultsMuch reduced vibration levels thanks to optimal balancingHigh speed and 5 mm orbit: good removal capacityFitted with an anti spinning system which accelerates the disc gradually in the start up phase, thereby avoiding surface scuffingElectronic module with rpm sensor to keep the rpm constant in all working conditionsErgonomic handle with retractable switchEquipped with the innovative RUPES 15 hole pad: maximum dust extraction capacity to protect the operator’s healthIntegrated self generated dust extraction systemFitted for connection to extraction systems with pivotable connectorApplications Machines with universal use, suitable for all types of surface, from roughing to finishing Versatile and easy to use, especially suitable for sanding flat surfaces Sanding of fibreglass and ‘gelcoat’ materials Preparation and finish of substrates Preparation of surfaces for the application of impregnating substratesTechnical dataBacking pad thread M8Speed control √Weight Kg 2,100R.P.M. 5000 – 10000Power W/hp 450Ø orbit mm 5Ø backing pad mm 150

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The new Random orbital brushless sander SKORPIOE represents the first RUPES random orbital electric sander using advanced BRUSHLESS motor technology. High efficiency brushless motor guarantees power and performance for virtually any application, maintaining the speed even under heavy load conditions. The Skorpio E features optimized ergonomics which make it comfortable and easy to use, while the innovative design provides incredible maneuverability and balance to guarantee precise and efficient sanding results. SKORPIO E is also quiet, extremely lightweight, and with a low vibration level maximizing operator comfort.Ø 3mm ORBIT SKORPIO E:the 3mm orbit is designed for finishing applications that use grade P320 and higher abrasives. The small orbit, combined with the high rpm and proper abrasives, delivers a high quality finish that is perfectly prepared for paints and other coatings.Ø 6mm ORBIT SKORPIO E:the 6mm orbit is ideal for creating the best combination of material removal/ surface finish. The 6mm orbit is 20% more time efficient than the traditional 5mm orbit and, when used with the suggested abrasive grades between P120 and P320, generates the same high quality finishTECHNICAL DATAMODEL RX253A RX253A/ST9 RX256A RX256A/ST9Ø Orbit (mm) 3 3 6 6Ø Backing Pad (mm) 150 150 150 150Backing Pad Thread 5/16” 5/16” 5/16” 5/16”Holes Backing Pad MULTIHOLE MULTIHOLE MULTIHOLE MULTIHOLER.P.M 4000 ÷ 10000 4000 ÷ 10000 4000 ÷ 10000 4000 ÷ 10000Electronic speed control • • • •Power (W) 250 250 250 250Insulation Class I I I IWeight (kg) 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2Cord (m) 5 9 5 9Backing pad supplied 981.600 981.600 981.600 981.600Incld. :Systainer Case(9.CASEIII)



RUPES S.p.A. is a family owned and operated company, founded in Milan, Italy, in 1947.   The constant commitment to research and development, aimed at constantly improving the performance of each product, is one of the fundamental aspects that have contributed to affirm RUPES as one of the major successful brands in the field of professional tools.
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