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Scan Fold flat disp odour mask valved ffp2 SCAPPEP2FF


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Premier Valved Odour Disposable Mask with active carbon cover pre-filters for organic vapour protection These masks will protect lungs against organic vapour and gas below the Occupational Exposure Limits.

Exhalation valve makes breathing easier, Flat folding for easy pocket storage

For use with:

– Brick dust

– Concrete & plaster

– Paint/varnish odours

– Welding

– Masonry & metal working with power tools

– Hand sanding

– Wood & MDF (hand tools)

– Loft insulation

– Conforms to EN149:2001

– Elasticated retaining straps

– Adjustable nose clip and soft foam nose piece for custom fitting

– Non-irritating inner face piece for added comfort

– Approved to EN149: 2001

Disposable Mask Protection Levels

FFP1 Particles larger than 5 microns.

Dusts, Fumes, Aqueous mists, Oil based mists

FFP2 Particles between 2 & 5 microns.

Fine dusts, Fibres, Aqueous mists, Oil based mists

FFP3 Particles less than 2 microns.

Very fine dusts, Fibres, Aqueous mists, Oil based mists

EN149 Filtering Face Piece for Particulates

Designed to cover the nose, mouth and chin. The construction is made of the filter material itself. To be disposed of after each period of work or 8 hour shift.




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