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SKIL 3157 CA Battery operated double LED work light
Battery-operated double LED work light – bright and powerful

The SKIL 3157 “20V Max” (18 V) is a powerful double LED worklight that directs the light exactly where you need it for your work.
With three brightness levels for additional brightness if required and easy to switch between the various light settings.
This tool generates white light up to 1800 lumens, which is the brightness of a 100 watt incandescent lamp.
Compared to an incandescent lamp, however, the SKIL 3157 is significantly more energy-efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly.
For additional work comfort, you can simply move both spotlight heads into different positions to direct the light in the desired direction.
Another option is to hang the double LED worklight on the integrated metal hook.
These practical features ensure that you have both hands free for the actual DIY work.
The light switches off automatically when the two spotlight heads are closed. The SKIL 3157 CA is supplied without a battery.

THE flexible battery system with “Keep Cool ™” and “ActivCell ™” technology

This tool is part of the SKIL “Energy Platform”: THE flexible battery system.
The lithium-ion battery packs “20V Max” (18 V) offer you optimum flexibility.
The battery packs are designed for use in all devices of the “20V Max Energy Platform” so that batteries can even be exchanged between power tools and garden tools. Isn’t that convenient?
The “Energy Platform” tools are available with and without batteries, which gives you the flexibility to add additional tools to your range without having to buy new batteries and chargers.
This battery also features “Keep Cool ™” battery technology, our coolest innovation yet.
“Keep Cool ™” protects the battery cells against overheating, which increases the running time by up to 25% and doubles the service life of the battery!


Battery voltage: 20 V Max
Battery voltage: 18 V
Color temperature: 5,000 K


– Part of the SKIL “Energy Platform”: THE flexible battery system
– “Keep Cool ™” battery technology ensures a 25% longer run time and twice as long a service life
– The battery-operated double LED worklight “20V Max” (18 V) provides a bright, white light with up to 1800 lumens
– Three brightness levels for more flexible use
– Spotlight heads adjustable in different positions for flexible use
– The light switches off automatically when the two spotlight heads are closed
– Integrated metal hook for hanging up the worklight
– Lithium-ion technology: no memory effect, no self-discharge and always ready for use



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