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SKIL 3520CA Cordless Circular Saw (BARE) SW1E3520CA


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Cordless circular saw (BARE)


– Dust port for attaching a vacuum cleaner or dustbag if needed
– Ergonomically superior design ensures optimal control and guidance
– Electric brake assures greater comfort and allows quicker work
– Spindle lock for easy blade changing
– Integrated key storage
– Dust-protected bearings ensure extra durability
– Blade on left side for maximum visibility of the cutting line
– Lithium-Ion technology: no memory effect, no self-discharge and always ready for use
– Our patented ‘ActivCell™’ technology works to optimise power usage, preventing overheating and maximizing battery performance
– Powerful ’20V Max’ (18V) cordless circular saw with a cutting depth up to 54 mm
– Part of the SKIL ‘Energy Platform’: THE flexible battery system
– ‘Keep Cool™’ battery technology ensures 25% longer run time and 2x the lifetime
– Maximum cutting depth of 54 mm at 90° and 44 mm at 45°
– Saw line visor for easy and accurate tracing of marked line
– LED light illuminates the line of cut for better sight of the workpiece


Voltage: 18 V
Voltage: 20 V Max
Sawing capacity at 90°: 54 mm
Sawing capacity at 45°: 44 mm
No-load speed: 4500 r.p.m.
Ø arbor: 16 mm
Ø saw blade: 165 mm
Saw blade diameter: 165 mm

Noise and vibration levels

Sound pressure: 91
Sound pressure level: 91 dB(A)
Sound power: 102
Sound power level: 102 dB(A)
Standard deviation: 3 dB(A)
Vibration level (cutting wood): < 2,5 m/s²
Vibration level (cutting wood): < 2.5
Uncertainty: 1,5 m/s²




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