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Brushless cordless multi-material saw with large 41 mm cutting depth
The ‘20V Max’ 3540 cordless multi-material saw is part of SKIL’s compact brushless range. These tools are extremely compact and offer a combination of high performance, durability and an unmatched level of convenience. Like all other SKIL ‘20V Max’ cordless tools, this model is powered by the industry-leading advanced ‘PWRCORE 20™’ battery and charger technology. Our SKIL 3540 brushless cordless multi-material saw is the compact alternative to circular saws. This lightweight one-hand saw is the ideal tool for very convenient sawing of panels and flooring. And with the multi-material blades supplied, this tool is suitable for cutting through a wide variety of materials, such as wood, laminate, plastic, aluminium and ceramic tiles. Despite its extremely compact size, the SKIL 3540 still has an impressive maximum cutting depth of 41 mm. The digital brushless motor delivers more power, more efficiency and a 10x longer lifetime than a comparable brushed motor. Good visibility of your work is assured, thanks to the LED light that illuminates the line of cut and the blower function that keeps the line of cut clean. Other handy features include the electric brake for extra working comfort and the soft start for gradual run-up to maximum speed. Dust-protected bearings protect the saw from dust to extend the saw’s lifetime. The SKIL 3540 FA is supplied in a carrying bag with one carbide-tipped saw blade, one hardened-steel saw blade, one diamond cutting disc, a vacuum cleaner adapter and a parallel guide for straight sawing assistance. The battery and charger aren’t included.


Voltage:20 V Max

Saw blade diameter:120 mm

Variable speed switch:Yes

Disc bore diameter: 9.5 mm

Maximum cutting depth at 90°: 41 mm

Maximum cutting depth at 45°: 26.5 mm

Net weight without battery: 1.8 kg

LED lighting


Included as standard:

The SKIL 3540 cordless utility saw

Carbide tipped blade Ø 120 mm

Hardened steel disc Ø 115 mm

Diamond blade Ø 115 mm

Vacuum cleaner adapter

Parallel guide

Hex key

User manual

Transport bag

Cardboard packaging

The battery and charger are not included in the standard equipment of the device



It all started in 1921 when inventor Edmond Michel was standing in a sugar cane field in Louisiana, America. There, he saw the workers using machetes to hack their way by hand through the thick, tough sugar cane. It was a heavy, back breaking task. Seeing this, Michel thought there had to be an easier way. And that thought later led to the start of the Skil Corporation. Later, in his workshop in New Orleans, he developed a mechanized machete. But to make the idea work, he saw that the blade somehow had to rotate. He soon started to improve on his first idea, and in 1923 he had developed the world’s first electric hand saw. A New Orleans newspaper covered his invention in a short feature article. Joseph W. Sullivan, a farmland developer, read the article while he was traveling from Minneapolis to Florida. He thought it looked like a great idea, and went straight to New Orleans to track down Edmond Michel.
After further improvements of the electric handsaw, ‘The Michel Electric Handsaw Company’ was started in 1924 by Edmond Michel and Joseph W. Sullivan. They called their revolutionary saw the ‘Skilsaw’.

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