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SKIL 850W Mini grinder + FOC 2 pc Diamond Disc Set


Side handle with ‘VRS+’; a unique and superior vibration reduction system

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The SKIL 9132 is a powerful angle grinder compatible with discs of 125 mm. Thanks to its 850W motor, this tool ensures the best cutting, grinding and de-rusting results. A superb innovation is SKIL’s ‘VRS+’, a superior vibration reduction system compared to traditional systems. A counterweight that can move in all directions is built in the side handle of this angle grinder. This so-called dynamic absorber reduces vibrations tremendously. And depending on the task at hand, you can easily adjust the side handle into three comfortable positions. This angle grinder has a convenient paddle switch that offers optimal control. It requires an extremely low operating force and the tool switches off immediately once you release the switch. A ‘Clic’ system allows you to easily adjust the guard without a key, so you can deflect sparks in any desired direction. This tool has dust-sealed ball bearings and helical gears that ensure higher torque, longer lifetime and a lower noise level during the job. The slim and durable metal gear housing allows you to handle this angle grinder with ease, even when working in confined spaces. Changing or replacing discs is easy, thanks to the convenient spindle-lock system.



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