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SKIL Battery & Charger Set – 20V Max Li 2,0Ah + 1.0A Charger


Packaging Contains:
Battery (’20V Max’ 2.0 Ah Li-Ion) with ‘KEEPCOOL™’ technology
Charger 3129

  • ‘PWRCORE 20™’: Industry-leading advanced battery technology, to power all SKIL ’20V Max’ tools
  • ‘KEEPCOOL™’: The patented battery cooling technology that ensures up to 25% longer run time and 2x the lifetime
  • Patented battery-level indicator conveniently displays the charge level of the battery
  • ‘ACTIVCELL™’: Patented intelligent battery and tool interaction, for maximum performance and battery protection
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This powerful ’20V Max’ (18V) 2,0Ah battery with LED battery level indicator offers superior Lithium-Ion technology, which means no memory effect, no self-discharge and always ready for use. The ‘Keep Cool™’ battery technology ensures 25% longer run time and 2x the lifetime. The ‘ActivCell™’ technology works to optimise power usage, preventing overheating and maximizing battery performance. The ’20V Max’ (18V) battery charger fully charges the included battery within 130 minutes.



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