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Skil Pressure Washer F0150761AA

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Powerful pressure washer with full-aluminium pump
The Skil 0761 pressure washer has a powerful 1400W motor and a full-aluminium pump that can reach a maximum pressure of 105 bar. This makes the tool ideal for cleaning your patio, tools, vehicles and garden furniture. You can adjust the spray setting of the Skil 0761 pressure washer, depending on the task at hand. Thanks to Skil’s convenient ‘Easy Storage’ design, you can quickly, easily and tidily store the pressure washer after use. The pressure washer is supplied with a garden hose connection and detergent bottle.
Durable, robust and built to last
Equipped with a full-aluminium pump, the Skil 0761 pressure washer is a durable, robust tool that is sure to last a lifetime. You can reach everywhere with the long five metre hose and mains cord that give you no less than 11 metres of working freedom. You’re sure to finish your domestic cleaning tasks easily with this pressure washer.
Great performance
Don’t be fooled by the compact looks of the Skil 0761 pressure washer – its robust features show that it’s ready for some tough cleaning work. Depending on the task at hand, you can adjust the spray setting from a narrow jet to a wide spray. With a maximum flow rate of 370 litres per hour, this tool is ideally suited for all kinds of outdoor cleaning jobs.
Convenient ‘Easy Storage’ solution
This tool is part of the ‘Urban Series’, Skil’s range of convenient, time-saving garden tools. The ‘Urban Series’ tools all feature Skil’s exclusive ‘Easy Storage’ solution, which means they are convenient to store and take up hardly any storage space after use. The mains cord, water hose and spray lance of the Skil 0761 pressure washer can be kept neatly in the ‘Easy Storage’ dock.



  • Skil-exclusive “EASY STORAGE” design for convenient and space-saving storage of tool and accessories
  • Provides ample power and pressure for domestic cleaning applications
  • Full-aluminium pump for longer lifetime
  • Compact and lightweight (easy to carry)
  • Increased mobility through large working range of 11 metres (5 m cable, 5 m hose and lance)
  • Long lance with variable spray setting
  • Robust and ergonomic design


Technical data:

  • Input: 1400 W
  • Max. pressure: 105 bar
  • Max. flow rate: 370 l/h
  • Max. flow temperature: 50 °C
  • Hose length: 5 m
  • Cable length: 5 m
  • Weight (without accessories): 4,1 kg
  • “EASY STORAGE” design
  • Aluminium pump
  • Working range of 11 metres
  • Variable spray setting
  • Automatic stop function
  • Voltage and frequency: 220-230 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Noise and vibration levels
  • Sound pressure level: 74 dB(A)
  • Sound power level: 86 dB(A)
  • Standard deviation: 2,15 dB(A)
  • Vibration level: < 2,5 m/s²
  • Uncertainty (K): 1,5 m/s²



It all started in 1921 when inventor Edmond Michel was standing in a sugar cane field in Louisiana, America. There, he saw the workers using machetes to hack their way by hand through the thick, tough sugar cane. It was a heavy, back breaking task. Seeing this, Michel thought there had to be an easier way. And that thought later led to the start of the Skil Corporation. Later, in his workshop in New Orleans, he developed a mechanized machete. But to make the idea work, he saw that the blade somehow had to rotate. He soon started to improve on his first idea, and in 1923 he had developed the world’s first electric hand saw. A New Orleans newspaper covered his invention in a short feature article. Joseph W. Sullivan, a farmland developer, read the article while he was traveling from Minneapolis to Florida. He thought it looked like a great idea, and went straight to New Orleans to track down Edmond Michel.
After further improvements of the electric handsaw, ‘The Michel Electric Handsaw Company’ was started in 1924 by Edmond Michel and Joseph W. Sullivan. They called their revolutionary saw the ‘Skilsaw’.
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