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Starlock Plus 32mm Deep Cut Rapid Wood Blade


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The 32mm Professional Series rapid wood multi-tool blade is extra-long to provide deep cuts up to 58mm in wood, hardwood, plastic and more.

  • 32mm wide rapid wood blade.
  • Suitable for wood, hardwood, plastic and more.
  • Dual toothed for extremely fast cutting in wood.
  • Includes a single blade.
  • Starlock Plus
  • 58mm extra deep cut.

This Professional Series rapid wood blade is extra-long to provide full depth cuts up to 58mm. Equipped with the same ‘rapid wood’ toothing, this blade is equally as fast cutting wood, hardwood and plastic as any other rapid wood blades in the range. Compatible with Starlock Plus fitment multi-tools. Made in Britain.

The Professional Series is a robust and versatile range of high-quality multi-tool blades and accessories designed specifically for the professional user. Maximise the potential of your multi-tool with the wide range of cutting, sanding and grinding accessories in the Professional Series.



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